National Nutty Fudge Day

Homemade fudge: It’s not impossible.

It can be a reality.

There are many ways to make it at home, but which method did I choose?

The marshmallow Fluff version?

The real life, candy making, gotta use a candy thermometer version?

The condensed milk version?


Some combo of all of the above?

Nope. I did none of these. Why?

Because I had none of these things in the house. I was going to stop to get Fluff on the way home from work, but found myself jamming out the Spice Girls on the 90s radio stations and passed the grocery store. Then I was too lazy to drive to a different one, and just went home.

Well, good for me: I found a recipe that uses canned coconut milk to achieve the same effect as the condensed milk versions of fudge recipes.

As usual, it can’t just be THAT easy for us here at Food365. I only had canned coconut cream, so it was pretty thick. I added some water, so I had a product more like coconut milk. However, now I’m doubting that decision, because maybe I needed less moisture for better fudge.

I really don’t know. I’ve never made fudge before.


So I put the sugar and coconut cream and a little water in the pot, let it get to a low boil, added the chocolate, realized I should have taken the pot off of the heat, did so, then added walnuts.

Now, my concern here is that it looks like I just made ganache, or fondue. I’m skeptical that this will turn into solid fudge.

Also, I forgot that this needs to be in the fridge for at least 4 hours before I can see any finished fudge product.



I’ll update this tomorrow and let you guys know if I had fudge for breakfast, or melted chocolate. Breakfast of champions, bros!

The suspense!!!

Does anyone else out there have a tried and true fudge recipe? Do you think I made ganache, or fudge?


The results are in! And this stuff is goooood. 

It is a little soft, and I wouldn’t leave around sitting at room temp for too long, but it’s definitely more solid than a ganache. 

This particular recipe is also fantastic because it’s not too sweet. Just very chocolate, and doesn’t taste at all like coconut. 



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