National Hot Dog Day

I am feeling much better today, which is good, because that means I was hungry enough to celebrate today. I considered just eating a regular hot dog, but that didn’t seem exciting. I bought Pillsbury crescent rolls for Hot Cross Buns Day tomorrow, and I realized that I could use half of that to make pigs in a blanket. Sometimes I’m amazed by my own brilliance.

I used two Hebrew National Hot Dogs, because they are the best. I cut each triangle of the crescent roll in half, turning my four crescent rolls into eight pigs in a blanket.

hot dog

My verdict?Ā As one of the great philosophers of the 21st century, I often ask myself “Why does food always taste better when it is inside of a puffed pastry?” It’s one of the great mysteries of life. Needless to say, I love hot dogs, but IĀ really love pigs in a blanket.



9 thoughts on “National Hot Dog Day

  1. I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s post… I’ve only ever heard of hot cross buns in a nursery rhyme, so I’m curious to see what they really are.


      1. Did you ever learn how to play that on the flutophone? Because that’s all I could think about all week.

        If you sign into your Gravatar profile, you can change your public name to whatever you want. Just click on your little angry purple tree monster avatar and it should take you there.


  2. Yes, I did know how to play it on the flutophone once upon a time. Side note, flutophone autocorrects to glut iPhone. That’s funny to me. I will now attempt this purple tree monster avatar switch.


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