National ‘I Love Food’ Day

This holiday is stupid. I mean, obviously I love food. That’s why I have this blog.

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to celebrate it. Should I make something new? Should I just eat my favorite foods? Ultimately, it didn’t matter because I’m getting a cold and I didn’t feel like eating much today anyway. Womp.

I started my day off eating some cereal, which I didn’t think you needed a picture of.

I got to work and my coworker literally threw a KitKat at me. Give me candy and I’ll be your friend for life, so thank you, JP.

photo 2 (23)

I then ate some of this pesto mozzarella grilled cheese for lunch. I made it again because I liked it so much last time. Oh, real talk: am I the only person that kind of likes cold grilled cheese? It’s like cold pizza, right? Not weird.

I then got home and, instead of wanting to eat really anything, I decided to nap. First, I did this:

Just leave me alone to drink my green tea and eat my Cheez-Its in bed in peace (Cheez-Its are my “food patronus.” Want to know what the heck I’m talking about? Click here.)

So I ate a handful of Cheez-Its, then asked a couple friends to send me pictures of the food they ate today. We all love food…I just didn’t feel too much like eating it today.

So thanks to my pals for helping a bro out.

Allyssa ate semi-homemade Thai peanut noodles with her lovely dinner partner Licorice:

Amanda ate a baked potato, steamed carrots, and oven-roasted chicken breast with homemade gravy:

Kaely ate sweet potato, baby portabello mushrooms, chick peas, kale, and garlic…sauteed in olive oil, salt, and pepper…cooked in vegetable broth…with tri-colored quinoa on the side.

And Rachel had this tasty dessert:


In all honesty, I’m sorry that I didn’t fulfill this holiday better. My friends put me to shame. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Thanks to my friends for helping out and for eating tastier food than me.

What did you eat today?


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