Food365 Stats & Facts

Hello foodiverse. It’s a bittersweet feeling writing this final post for this blog. I’m proud and impressed that we actually managed to keep up with and complete this year-long adventure, but I’m sad to see it end. Also, I have no idea what I’m going to eat now. This blog has dictated my meals for the past year. Now I have to make it up myself.

If you’re crazy and want to start from the very beginning, here’s a link to our first post for National Ice Cream Pie Day (which is today!).

What I’ve done as a final post is put together some fun pie charts about our year. First, we have a chart of how many posts each author wrote. We had 375 total posts and 9 authors.

I wrote almost 50% of all the posts.

We missed posting on three different days, but there were twelve days where we posted twice.

Next, we have a chart about the actual food holidays. I separated the holidays into four main categories: General Food, Dessert, Snacks, and Beverages.

20150818121807General Food and Dessert were the clear winners there.

And then I broke it down even farther. I made a chart for each category, separating them into sub-categories that had at least two holidays throughout the year.

20150818122238We ate a lot of breakfast.

20150818122631We had more ice cream this year than any other food. I’m not complaining.

20150807125335So much candy.

20150807125450We basically became alcoholics this year.

So, there you have it. A very un-Math-minded person who tried to make some charts. If there’s one thing us foodies enjoy, it’s pie. (I crack myself up.)

Before I go, if you want to keep reading more from any of us, check out mine and Allyssa’s other blog, Truths with Lori and Allyssa.

This has been a fun and crazy journey, and I thank you all for taking it with me. Keep up with us on Instagram.

Special thanks to: Keri, Kimmi, Diana, Allyssa, Amanda, Kaely, Rachel, and Kirstie for agreeing to help me on this journey so I didn’t get fat and poor on my own; my entire family for eating my experiments (especially that peach cobbler nightmare); my mom specifically for loving nuts and sometimes funding this adventure; the husbands/fiancés/boyfriends and children of our contributors for helping out; various friends for participating (even if they weren’t aware that they were); and my coworkers for eating all the leftover dessert I couldn’t finish.


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