National Vanilla Custard Day

The day has arrived, my friends. We have officially completed a year of celebrating food holidays. It’s been a crazy ride, but this is not my good-bye post. I’ll have one of those coming at you tomorrow. This post is about vanilla custard.

I was going to do what Allyssa did and get frozen custard from Rita’s for today, but I figured that I should actually make something for our last day. So I found this super easy recipe.

IMG_1502I had no idea if I was going to like this, but it turned out pretty great. It tastes like sour vanilla pudding, which I realize sounds disgusting. But it’s actually really good.

I decided to turn it into a pie.

IMG_1526My verdict? I loved this. I’m really happy that our last post ever turned out to be such a good one. This recipe was simple and delicious, and what more could you possibly want from a dessert?

As I said, this was our last food holiday post, which means the end of the blog. But do not fret, tune in tomorrow for a little good-bye post and some fun facts about the year we’ve had. And don’t forget to keep following us on Instagram, where we will keep on celebrating our love of food.


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