National Raspberry Bombe Day

Listen, we’ve been doing this project for almost a year. You guys should be able to predict by now when I’ll actually put in the effort to make something and when I won’t. And since there’s less than a week left until the blog is over, it’s only right that I had one more post where I didn’t actually make or eat anything. Because I’m lazy and, honestly, a little bit sick of raspberries.

This is a raspberry bombe:

IMG_9456Or maybe it’s this:

Honestly, it’s a little bit hard to say. People don’t really seem that interested in making this dessert, so I’m kind of unclear on whether it is cake or ice cream. I think this recipe sounds pretty legit, though.

So, you should make that. I’m going to…not. Don’t worry, though. I’m taking on every one of the last six food holidays and I’m actually celebrating those.


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