National Banana Split Day

Happy Banana Split Day!

If I’m being completely honest, this food holiday was a minor let down for me. I was looking forward to an excuse to eat ice cream (who am I kidding? I never need an excuse to eat ice cream), but as it turns out, bananas mixed with ice cream just don’t do it for me. I love bananas. I love ice cream. But I also love pickles and I love peanut butter, that doesn’t mean I want to eat a PB&P sandwich.

In the spirit of being a committed blogger, I ate the banana split. It wasn’t awful, but I didn’t love it. I pretty much ate the bananas and then I ate the ice cream and whipped cream. It tasted better that way. I think my husband was onto something when he gave our daughter his bananas and ate the ice cream himself. Maybe they’re called banana splits because you’re supposed to split the banana and the ice cream to enjoy them both separately?

I hope you all enjoyed your banana splits more than I did!



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