National Rice Pudding Day

This may sound odd, but I consider rice pudding to be a summer dessert. 

Ok. Maybe it’s not so weird since Rice Pudding’s national holiday is here right smack in the summer. 

However, I think it’s weird because a good rice pudding has nutmeg and cinnamon. A good rice pudding is creamy and thick, which isn’t really the kind of thing I think of as perfect for the summer heat. 


My mom makes the best rice pudding. She makes it every 4th of July, and then catches the rice pudding bug and makes it once or twice more before the summer is over. 

Forget every rice pudding you’ve ever had from a plastic tub, or in a diner. Those are nothing compared to this. It’s thick, rich, not watered down, the rice has not turned to mush, there’s real vanilla in the mix, and nutmeg and cinnamon. 

Since I’m a dunce, I ate all of the rice pudding without taking pictures because I thought there was a full, pristine and picturesque Tupperware of pudding in the basement fridge (I’m Italian. Yeah we have an extra fridge). Alas, that’s gone too. 

Here’s a recipe from Chocolate and Sea Salt that is really similar to our rice pudding. It’s also the only picture that looks like what ours looks like. Not mushy, not soupy, not dry and baked into slices. This looks like the real deal. 

Click on the image to check out the awesome recipe, which is where the picture came from. Yum yum yum. 


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