National Frozen Custard Day

When I hear “frozen custard,” I can only think of one place: 


There is a Rita’s about 5 minutes or less down the road from where I work, and I’m obsessed. I used to have Wednesday’s off from work, so I would go every Tuesday afternoon to celebrate my mid-week weekend with some water ice and custard.

Alas, I no longer have Wednesdays off, so I stopped consuming so much Rita’s (my sleepy body says boo, but my waistline says thank you). 

After some things went down at work (actually not that dramatic but whatever), I decided to treat myself to Rita’s. 

I chose the Horchata water ice and had it topped with a massive load of vanilla custard. Custard is so nice because I feel like the end result is much smoother than ice cream, and certainly never has any “icy” feel to it. 

Yum. Yes. That is a massive cup of Rita’s. No shame in this sassy game. 

The flavors at Rita’s pack a punch, but are never too sweet, at least that’s how I feel anyway. Though to be fair, I don’t eat the flavors like cotton candy or Swedish Fish. 


Good custard. Good water ice. Wonderful treat that makes me happy. Win all around. 


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