National Root Beer Float Day

Like my love for milkshakes, I am frequently craving root beer floats. Unlike my milkshake affairs, I rarely satisfy my root beer float craving. 

I’m just not a soda person. Ginger beer and Polar seltzer are the most soda-y drinks I ever imbibe. 

However, since today is a national holiday and all, I just had to indulge. 

Friends, let’s break down this goodness right here. 

The top layer of root beer foam is heaven sent. How does the ice cream do this to carbonated drinks? The bubbles become their own entity, and expand. They turn to foam. Almost a semi-solid, the bubble head is the feature of the drink. Or so I think. 

Then there’s the root beer itself, which has turned into a rich, creamy beverage. Look at that color. The texture is sublime. 

But then there’s the ice cream. The ice cream has gone soft, but not melted. I didn’t cheap out in the ice cream either, and actually used a gelato brand of ice cream. Decadence. Mmmm. The ice cream at the bottom keeps its cool and its own flavor, but is encompassed in a root beer flavor hug.

Does it sound like I’m in love with root beer floats? I might be. 

Which part of the root beer float is your favorite? 

“The whole thing” is an acceptable answer, by the way. 


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