National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

I bet this day is a lot more funny and punny when it occurs on a Sunday, but alas, today is Saturday.

Whatever, I’ll still eat a sundae any day of the week.

I was having a conversation with a friend about today’s holiday, in which the day transformed into less of a sundae day, and more of a hot fudge day, in my mind at least.

To me, the best hot fudge is almost quite literally liquid fudge.

If you think hot fudge is warmed up chocolate syrup out of a squeeze bottle, I feel sad for you. That’s not hot fudge. Hot fudge should be thick and gooey. It should stick to your spoon and the sides of your bowl. It should coat and compliment the ice cream, but not melt with your ice cream and turn your ice cream into a chocolate ice cream soup. Good hot fudge is its own entity. It’s even a little chewy.

The best hot fudge I have ever had was the hot fudge on the ice cream at Baumgart’s, in Englewood, New Jersey. Their hot fudge sauce coats the ice cream like a soft blanket, but the two do not mix. The pieces are separate, but compliment each other so nicely.

I’m obsessed, clearly. So I set out to try to make my own, because I didn’t feel like having a sugar laden, artificial, who knows what chocolate sauce out of a jar or squeeze bottle. Also, I don’t have heavy cream in the house, only coconut cream, so I made a non-dairy version (I subbed honey for corn syrup because corn syrup is ick and honey is at least natural and tastes way better).


Alas, sadly, I ended up making what I tried to avoid. A thin sauce. Very yummy, but thin and not gooey or chewy. Once the sauce hit the cold ice cream, it did thicken up a bit, but still not what I was hoping for.


By this point, I had forgotten to think of any other sundae toppings because I was so obsessed with the hot fudge.

Well, at least I made my own “ice cream” out of bananas and left over coconut cream. That’s gotta count for something, right? Bonus points for a healthier, mostly toppingless sundae?

I tried, guys. I really tried.


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