National Lollipop Day

I would say that I, as a grown woman, could not remember the last time I had a lollipop, but that’s a lie. 

Last summer, my camp gave out lollipops as one of the small prizes on our carnival day. Headquarters sent us a massive bag of Dum Dums, and not that many kids wanted the lollipops. So I took the bag home. 

Dum Dums are so good. I know they’re terrible for you, but the flavors are awesome. Root beer. Pink lemonade. Cream soda. The super artificial watermelon flavor that tastes like childhood. Yum. 

Today I could have gotten a bag of Dum Dums and worked through all of the flavors, but I resisted temptation. 

I remembered that I had another superior brand of lollipop in the house for today. 

Yes, the Ring Pop! Ain’t no party like a Ring Pop party. 

I had a few left over from when one of my friends got engaged and we all wore Ring Pops to go with her new ring. 

To be honest, blue raspberry doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s because I hate having blue teeth, or maybe because blue raspberries are fake. I don’t know. 

Also I forgot that this was much bigger than a Dum Dum, and it was too much sweet for me to handle, so I didn’t finish it. Shame on me. 

Any other big kids out there, also enjoying Lollipop Day? 


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