National Daiquiri Day

You know what’s a really hard word to spell? “Daiquiri.” There’s a lot more “i’s” in there than one might expect.

Are there any kinds of daiquiris besides strawberry? Why would anyone want anything else? Strawberry is just so delicious. Unless it’s this:

A couple years ago, Kaely, Amanda, Allyssa, Rachel, and I got together at my parents’ house and we tried to drink a bottle of this. We ended up called it “Red Wedding in a Cup.”

Anyway, for today, I decided to make my own version of a strawberry daiquiri with whatever ingredients I already had in my apartment.

IMG_1317I blended them together without measuring, because who cares? And this is what I got:

IMG_1318My verdict? This was a great success, and way better than the premade daiquiris. Also, why did I write “daiquiri” so many times?


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