National Peach Ice Cream Day

And here we are. Day 2 of Lori’s homemade ice cream adventure. Today’s experiment: peach ice cream.

I used the same recipe as I did for strawberry ice cream, but this time I put in peaches.

IMG_1283For whatever reason, this one didn’t work out as well. The ice cream didn’t want to churn, and the flavor was kind of funky. I also think the peach chunks were way too big.

IMG_1328Plus it got a little freezer-burn in the freezer.

However, overall, I’d say this wasn’t a total failure. Making ice cream might be my new thing. I eat enough of it, I might as well save a little money doing it.


6 thoughts on “National Peach Ice Cream Day

  1. Is this the ice cream maker that I bought for the gift exchange a few years back? And you should totally make mac and cheese ice cream.


    1. Yes! Aunt Candy gave it to me, and I finally decided to use it. It works okay, but it takes much longer than the advertised “6-12 minutes”


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