National French Fries Day

Why is it that fries, like pasta, taste differently based on the shape? It’s still a fried potato, right? Then why do curly and waffle fries always taste the best? It’s a mystery.

Fries are one of my favorite foods. I don’t understand people who have the option of having fries or a salad with their meal, and they choose a salad. Don’t you people understand that fries are delicious?

So, yeah. I had spicy curly fries today. I love french fries.

IMG_1298I picked these specifically because I like that they are called “zesty twirls.” The word “zesty” makes me happy.

IMG_1301Am I the only one that always saves the super curly fries for last? There’s just something very satisfying about that perfect curly fry.

IMG_1304My verdict? If I had it my way, I’d eat nothing but french fries.


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