National Pick Blueberries Day

I love blueberries. It’s easy to eat a million of them and not even realize it.

Blueberries are even better when they are freshly picked. Three quarters of the year, we’re stuck eating fruit that’s from other parts of the country or world, frozen and shipped around to get to us. But in the summertime, oh sweet summertime, we get the fresh stuff.

My mother has had her own vegetable garden every year for as long as I can remember. Some years, it’s great. Other years, the wildlife and elements get to it and it’s really sad. But she always has blueberry bushes and without fail, we get bucketloads. It’s only been a few weeks and already they are coming out our ears. We can’t pick them fast enough and there’s still so many more that will ripen throughout the rest of the season. We freeze a bunch because we can’t even eat them all that fast. It’s glorious.


In honor of today, go out this weekend and find a farm where you can pick your own!


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