National Caesar Salad Day

Happy Fourth of July!

I don’t care what anyone says, Caesar salad is the most superior of all salads. Even if it really is just lettuce and croutons and cheese and dressing and sometimes chicken. What more could you want? It’s the best dressing and makes everything better.

Caesar salad is basically the comfort food of salads. If you ever go to a restaurant and you don’t know what to eat, that’s what you should get. And if you ever go to a restaurant that doesn’t have Caesar salad on the menu, then you are going to the wrong places (unless it’s like Chinese food or something. I guess that would be weird.)

Anyway, Amanda and I enjoyed chicken Caesar salad for today. I got a wrap, she got a salad. They were delicious and the perfect lunch.

Close-up on my wrap:

IMG_1085My verdict? As far as salads go, there aren’t any better.


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