National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

At first, I saw this food holiday and automatically thought that I had to make my own ice cream.

Why? What’s wrong with my brain? I don’t even have an ice cream machine and I certainly ain’t got time for that.

I just assumed that it would be easier and better to find a unique ice cream flavor if I made it myself.

THEN, brilliant me rembered that Fairway has some brands of ice cream not often seen at my local grocery stores, and I remembered that some of them weren’t quite run of the mill either.

So I went to Fairway before work and, like a weird, stood in front of the ice cream for 10 minutes and even took pictures because I am a completely normal person.

IMG_4430 IMG_4431

Chocolate range confetti? Dad’s cardamom? Fig and Saba? Olive oil? Honestly, I had never thought of any of these as ice cream and I wanted one of each flavor.

I settled on the fig and Saba.

IMG_4433 IMG_4432

Looks gross, tastes amazing. It really tastes like figs and the slightly sweet, slightly dry flavor of the skins of red grapes.

I would buy this again.

What other creative ice cream flavors have you seen at grocery stores? Do you make any of your own flavors? I love ice cream, so share your thoughts, recipes, and favorite brands!


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