National Tapioca Day

Today I wasn’t sure how to celebrate tapioca day. I use tapioca a lot, actually, so I pondered which application I would use. 

Gluten free foodies know what I’m talking about. We put tapioca starch in just about every baked good. I bow down to the tapioca starch. 

However, I didn’t feel like baking anything today. So I went with my favorite tapioca treat. 

Bubble tea! What, were you expecting tapioca pudding? No thanks. I’ll pass. I don’t like tapioca pudding and we have tapioca pudding day coming up in the near future, so I skipped it. 

Bubble tea is amazing. This frozen drink is sweet and has the tapioca pearl surprise at the bottom. 

The first time I had it I was confused. Why were these big chewy things at the bottom of my frozen tea drink? 

Now I love it. I chose taro for today’s flavor, which is why my drink is purple. If you’ve never had taro flavored desserts before, you’re missing out! To me, it tastes like a nuttier version of a cake flavor. And of course, purple is my favorite color, so cake and purple equals best ever. 

Have you tried bubble tea before? What do you think? I know there are other ways to make bubble tea, not just as a frozen frappe convocation, so I’m curious to hear if anyone has tried those varieties. 


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