National Strawberry Parfait Day

Originally, I thought I had another Food365 failure on my hands for today’s foodiday.

I was leaving work and was on the way to pick up fresh strawberries to layer with all of the yogurt, whipped cream, and (gluten free) granola that I had waiting at home.

Then, I saw it.

Shining like a beacon of hope, happiness, and sanity.

It was…

Red Mango.

I was able to easily find street parking in this crowded suburban village which usually has no free parking to speak of. It was fate.

Before I knew it, I had a giant cup of Red Mango. But listen! I at least used the regular tart yogurt flavor, strawberry sorbetto, and fresh strawberries. It had to count!!

I checked with Food 365 guru Lori, and she said that Red Mango is always the right answer, so phew. I’m all good.

Let’s also take a look at the definition of a parfait:

“1. a dessert of ice cream and fruit or ice cream and syrup in alternate layers, often topped with whipped cream and served in a tall, narrow,short-stemmed glass.”
Here’s my Red Mango:
Let’s dissect and see how much I really failed:
A dessert of ice cream and fruit. Check.
Alternate layers. Well, I did layer on a lot of toppings. Close enough! Check!
Whipped cream? No, missed that one. They were out of whipped cream today.
Tall, narrow, short-stemmed glass. A short, wide, no-stemmed paper cup. If today had been opposite day, I would get a check!
2 out of 4 isn’t terrible, and I think that the ice cream and fruit and, errr, layers, are the most important parts.
So in the end, today was a win.

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