Pecan Sandy Day

I might as well be called the cookie monster, because give me a day honoring cookies and I will celebrate hard core.

I almost made my own batch of Pecan Sandies (hashtag glutenfreeproblems), because I know that I love shortbread and the recipe shouldn’t be too difficult, but then I got lazy as soon as I saw the part in the recipe that said the dough needed to be refrigerated for an hour. Shame on me.

Well, I was at the grocery store and remembered that I had seen pecan cookies from the company Pamela’s Products before. Lucky for me, they were shortbreads, and thus counted for today’s foodiday (food holiday?)!

photo from Pamela's Product's Website

photo from Pamela’s Product’s Website

I love Pamela’s cookies. They were among the first brand of gluten free products that I tried that didn’t taste like cardboard or have excess gritty rice flour or coconut. I can’t remember which brand, but there is a company that uses coconut as the base for most of their gluten free cookies. I like coconut, but not that much. Luckily, my mom loved those cookies, so I gave them to her. But then I found and loved Pamela’s.

I also love butter, which is probably why I like shortbread cookies so much.

Added bonus, when I went to go look for a picture to attach to this post, I saw on the Pamela’s website that apparently they recommend using these cookies for cookie crumb crusts. HELLLOOOOO, count me in! I imagine these would taste awesome with a pudding pie. Oooooh, maybe a banana pudding pie? I would eat that.

So whether you’re eating the classic elf cookies or the gluten free (expensive) grown up version, whole or in a pie crust, I think pecan sandies are a win. Why? Did I mention the butter? That’s why.


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