National Sushi Day

Best! Day! Ever! 

Sushi is one of my favorite treats. I always let myself have a sushi feast when I’ve been working hard and need a reward, or when catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile at an “all you can eat” sushi restaurant. 

I remember the first time I ever ate sushi. It wasn’t until high school that a friend and her parents took me out to dinner and surprise! It was sushi! They taught me how to eat with chopsticks and had me go big or go home by making my first sushi roll one that was topped with eel! 

I still love having eel on my sushi to this day. 

For sushi day, my coworker and I shared some rolls that had tuna, salmon, and avocado. 

 I think the salmon rolls are my favorite, but sometimes they all taste the same to me. 

What’s your favorite sushi? Do you have sushi as a special treat, or eat it often? 


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