National Jerky Day

Jerky is basically just dried meat which is not my first choice in the snack department. My husband occasionally will get it for a road trip snack but that’s about as close as I get to eating it. But a few months ago he came back from a conference with a bag of jerky from a company called Krave. The flavors were interesting and it didn’t have that dried out chewy look, so I tried some and found it to be pretty tasty.

I went to my local Target to see if I could find the same brand and they had several of the eight flavors this company makes. I picked the Garlic Chili Pepper beef jerky because as you can see in the picture below, it was marked as clearance. I’m not sure why this flavor was cheaper than the others, but despite being a little on the spicy side, I thought it was good. So if you aren’t into spice I would recommend one of the other flavors. According to the label it’s gluten, nitrate, and MSG free and made in the USA.

I’m not sure if it’s completely made me a jerky lover but I’ll definitely eat some on our next road trip!

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