National Iced Tea Day

With today being a sunny, mid-80 degree day, I can’t imagine a more perfect day to celebrate iced tea.

I prefer to make my own iced tea, rather than drinking an overly sweetened bottled version. Doing this is cheaper, healthier, and way more delicious. You can use any kind of tea you want, from simple black teas or green teas, to more complex herbal blends.

For Christmas, I received a variety of herbal blend teas from adagio teas. I love these blends because they are fairy tale themed! Everyone knows of my love for fairy tales, from parallel novels to Disney and of course Grimm’s. The hardest part of making my iced tea today was trying to decide which flavor to brew up. I settled on the Red Riding Hood flavor.

IMG_4051 IMG_4052

I steeped the tea in a little tea pot, and then poured it over lots of ice cubes and stirred.


Serving suggestion: By an open window with a good book and/or the company of pets.


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