National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

We already know how I feel about strawberries so I’m loving that we are currently in the middle of strawberry season. When my sister asked for help on the blog this week, I feel like maybe I got stuck with the short straw because making a pie seemed like it might be beyond my skill level. And then, my other sister kindly said she thought she heard somewhere that rhubarb was poisonous. Poisoning myself for the sake of the blog? I wasn’t sure I was that dedicated.

Once I read that it’s only the leaves that are poisonous I figured I could handle it. But just to be on the safe (and lazy) side, I purchased a bag of frozen rhubarb. I used this recipe because it said you could use frozen fruit. I also did not want to make my own pie crust so took a little help from the store there also. However, I did buy a container of fresh strawberries from the farm down the road.
Once I got past the preparation, this was actually a really easy recipe and even I didn’t mess it up. I started feeling so good about it that I went ahead and made a lattice crust. The fresh strawberries made it great but I really liked the tart contrast that the rhubarb added.
My family was really impressed! I made it on Sunday because I have jury duty today, but I’m already looking forward to eating the last slice when I get home tonight!

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