National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

I had every intention of walking around the corner to my local ice cream shop and getting myself a big scoop of chocolate ice cream. But then a few days ago during all this early June cold and rainy weather my kids discovered our ice cream maker in one of my cabinets. After I explained that it was not a drum and in fact could be used to make ice cream, we decided to do just that. I took a poll of what flavor we should make and chocolate was the overwhelming winner. I swear I did not plan it that way but it couldn’t have worked out better. I haven’t used that ice cream maker in years so I didn’t have a recipe handy. Keeping in mind who my trusty assistants were, I went to Pinterest and searched for “easy chocolate ice cream” and made the first one that popped up.

Making ice cream turned out to be a great rainy day activity to keep us busy. The recipe resulted in a great tasting ice cream but with only a so-so texture, so I’m no going to share it. Now I’m just forced to make some adjustments and try again. What a tragedy.

Now that my freezer is stocked it was nice to be able to scoop out some homemade chocolate ice cream today. The best part of this was that I’ve rediscovered how much I love my ice cream maker. I’m looking forward to experimenting with more flavors this summer.

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