National Frozen Yogurt Day

Froyo became a little bit of an obsession for many of us during our senior year. We spent a lot of free afternoons consuming huge cups full of the “serve yourself” frozen yogurt. 

When the frozen yogurt place opened up right down the street from my job, I knew I was in trouble. 

How much froyo can one person eat before it becomes a problem? Or before that person explodes? 

I don’t even care. I love froyo and I go at least once a week. That’s not so bad, right?

Today I celebrated the food holiday before my shift at work. It was the perfect way to prepare for my very long afternoon and evening. 

I had the original tart yogurt mixed with a watermelon sorbeto, topped with just a teeny bit of regular vanilla. Then I added the strawberries. 

My snack was refreshing, not too heavy, and the perfect pick me up from a stressful morning. 

Honestly, I think that everyone should have froyo, and they should enjoy it often. It’s slightly less guilt inducing than ice cream, and if you put fruit on it, you can get in a serving of fruit? 

Whatever, it tastes good. Enjoy it! 


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