National Hazelnut Cake Day

Like with coconut yesterday, I feel like hazelnut is a polarizing flavor. I, for one, like things that are hazelnut-flavored, but I do not particularly care for actual hazelnuts. One thing I do love, however, is Nutella. Which is why when I saw “hazelnut cake,” my brain autocorrected it to “Nutella cake.”

So I decided to make a Nutella mug cake. This recipe seemed easy enough, plus I already had all four of the ingredients. Only four ingredients and finished in less than two minutes? Sign me up.

I followed the directions, and what resulted seemed almost, kind of edible. I’ll take what I can get.

My verdict? You would think by now I would have learned my lesson about mug cakes and cookies. It doesn’t matter how easy the recipe is, I never like them. This one tasted fine enough, I guess. But the texture was weird. I would have rather just eaten a mug of Nutella.


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