National Strawberries and Cream Day

I love cake, cookies, ice cream and all of that good stuff, but one of my favorite desserts will actually always be fruit. 

As nature’s candy, fruit usually satisfies my evening cravings for something sweet, without ruining my healthy eating. 

National Strawberries and Cream Day is a fantastic way to enjoy dessert, celebrate a food holiday, and not feel bad about splurging. 

I literally took fruit and topped it with cream. Easy and delicious. I used frozen mixed berries, which featured strawberries as the centerpiece. Despite how the picture looks, there were a lot of strawberries in there. I just forgot to take a picture (typical fail) before also adding fresh watermelon and coconut cream that I whipped up with some vanilla extract. See right there in the middle? Strawberry. 

It was so so good. 

Despite how much I loved my dessert, I realized that some people consider Strawberries and Cream a legit, recipe-required dessert. 

Check out this page for some fancy looking strawberries and cream dessert recipes that would probably be perfect for your Memorial Day weekend dessert table. Yum. 


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