National Devil’s Food Cake Day

Is it just me, or does devil’s food cake just taste exactly like regular chocolate cake? At least it does from a box, which is obviously what I used. I’m just not entirely sure what the difference is, and I will most definitely not be looking it up.

I had some vanilla pudding in my apartment because that day is happening soon, so I had a brilliant bit of inspiration and scooped some pudding into the middle of half the cupcakes, then iced with vanilla frosting.

They aren’t the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made, but they taste good, so who cares?

I know I always try to scale back my recipes to make them single servings, but it seemed easier to make 24 cupcakes from a box than it did to make one cupcake from scratch.

So…who wants to come over for a cupcake party?


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