National Barbecue Day

Technically, May is actually National Barbecue Month, and today is National Coquilles St.
Jacques Day, but I sure as hell wasn’t baking any scallops today. I know how hard scallops are to cook correctly. I watch the Food Network.

It just occurred to me that, instead of writing half-assed posts about the holidays that we don’t want to celebrate, we can use those days to celebrate the monthly holidays. Each month has a bunch of those. I mean, these are all the May ones:

  • National Asparagus Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Chocolate Custard
  • National Egg Month
  • National Gazpacho Aficionado
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Mediterranean Diet Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Vinegar Month

Some of those would be great to celebrate, as opposed to say…National Roast Leg of Lamb Day. Why am I just having this epiphany now, when there are only three months left of this project? Who cares, let’s talk about barbecue.

I love barbecues! I love the food and I love being outside in warm weather and I love that you get to hang out with people you love.

And what do I love most of all? Having friends who went to culinary school.

I went to my friend Jamie’s house, and her boyfriend Jorge prepared us a glorious meal, that we ate over the course of about five hours while we hung out. It was a wonderful day.

Some of the food we ate included a mango avocado salsa with chips:

Then, we had chicken skewers, one with bacon and one with teriyaki.

And then, of course, we had cheeseburgers and hot dogs and fries.

A delicious, delicious barbecue.


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