National Chocolate Chip Day

Last week, I randomly decided to bake chocolate chip muffins, because why wouldn’t I? And then I realized that National Chocolate Chip Day was coming up, and these would be the perfect way to celebrate. I love it when the blog coincides with my real life.

So this was the recipe I used. Mine did not come out like the picture on that blog.

I overcooked them a little bit, so maybe that’s why mine fell in the middle instead of rising. Whatever, they still tasted good.

I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits over the past nine or so months that we’ve been doing this. And one of those things I learned is that I don’t have as big of a sweet tooth as I thought I did. Especially for breakfast. I’m much more likely to eat pancakes or waffles or french toast or whatever later in the day than I am early in the morning. Which is why these muffins did not become breakfast food. They were really, really sweet. Too sweet. If I make them again, I’ll be cutting back on the sugar, for sure. Otherwise, they were good.

And, even though I didn’t want them for breakfast, they made a good midday snack at work.

What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate chips? All of the ways? Yeah, me too.


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