National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

True story: I have not eaten a biscuit since 2011.

That was the year I went gluten free, and since then, I have not had a biscuit.

Real flour biscuits are a treasure and a treat. Soft, flakey, buttery, tender…. are you drooling?

I am. I also might be crying a little bit.

Going to Cracker Barrel? Can’t eat those biscuits. KFC? None of those biscuits for you! Somebody bought a roll of Pillsbury dough? Turn away and shed a tear.

I haven’t even tried to attempt a copycat gluten free biscuit recipe, because I’m afraid of disappointment and gross, cardboard tasting crackers coming out of my oven.

I have collected a few recipes that I want to try, but for today, I was looking for something more simple.

I found this recipe from Maebells, which uses gluten free Bisquick, which I just happened to have in my pantry, so I gave it a try.

A few notes:

  1. Don’t be like me. Don’t use salted butter. I was wise enough to remember to leave the teaspoon of salt out of the dry ingredients, but I felt as if the biscuits were just a teeny bit too salty.
  2. Go ahead and roll your dough out thick. These babies don’t really rise, so cut out thick rounds so you can really slice them and enjoy them once they’ve been baked.

Gluten Free Mason Lid Biscuits

Look at me, I even went all country on y’all and used mason jar lids to cut out my biscuits, just like real southern people (?? I made this fact up)!


The end result was a very buttery, savory biscuit. The texture is less tender/soft/pillowy, and has a bit more crumb than I remember gluten-full biscuits having. The texture reminds me more of a cornbread crossover. Still pretty soft, though. Yum.


However, these biscuits tasted so good, just like the good biscuits I fondly remember, and really hit the spot. I would make them again, for sure.


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