Have a Coke Day

FYI: The first Coke was served on this very day in 1886 (Shout out to Kimmi for that fact. Double shout out for catching my year mistake).

1885 is also pretty much the last time I ever drank a Coca-Cola.

Just kidding. In reality, though, the only reason that I picked “Have a Coke Day” was because I haven’t had coke probably since my “Captain and Coke” days (more like probably one or two days) in grad school. Before that, I probably hadn’t had plain, straight up Coke since I was 14. Also, I had some Coke Zero in the house from a recent movie night with friends. I couldn’t let the stuff go to waste and get all flat and pathetic in the fridge.

So I decided to try it again. For the sake of the blog.

coke zero

Oh boy. Sorry, but I just don’t like soda. Yikes. It was too sweet, and tastes a little… I don’t know, like metallic dirt?

I can’t even describe it. But I didn’t like it.

Maybe the metallic association comes from when I used to drink a lot of soda when I stayed at my grandparents’ house back when I was little. Now, my grandparents have always been a little… funny. A little… off? Staples in the food. Stale snacks. Freezer burned food. Old people, am I right? So, I don’t know what it was, maybe the old fridge, or maybe the old metal ice tongs in the freezer’s ice tray (most likely), but the ice always tasted like metal. So, my sodas always tasted like metal.

So, I think Coke tastes like metallic dirt.

Now, I don’t mind a good root beer float, a touch of soda in a mixed drink, or ginger beer, but I realized that drinking plain soda is just not for me.

So if you’re ever coming to my house for movie night or whatnot, fear not, we do have soda if you want some. Just don’t expect me to finish the leftovers.


5 thoughts on “Have a Coke Day

  1. Thanks for the shoutout. Not sure why we didn’t blog about Coke day… Maybe because we don’t have any soda in our house?! Shhh–don’t tell my husband’s boss. But FYI, it was 1886… I double checked my text to Lori so I blame her for the mixup. 😉


    1. Oops. That’s what I get for texting while at work. Not paying attention to the year. Don’t tell your husband how much I didn’t like the coke. I don’t think you’re missing out too much on not having any in the house. Shhh!


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