National Enchilada Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I love Mexican food.

I’ve been trying a lot of Amy’s products recently, since compared to other frozen food, they are relatively healthy. So I decided to go with the black bean and vegetable enchiladas for today.Look, I know that the pictures on the box never actually look like the meal, but I was really not quite as enthusiastic about this once it finished cooking.

IMG_0730I’m not sure what this looks like, but the answer is not “food.”

My verdict? Luckily, this actually tasted fairly decent. Not good enough for me to buy again, probably, but pretty good.

I realize that I probably should have just sucked it up and cooked enchiladas for real, but I didn’t. Oh, well. Please excuse me while I continue to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with many, many margaritas. I’ll make those from scratch any day.


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