National Orange Juice Day

I don’t know why, but I feel like orange juice is a little underrated.

Is that just me? Maybe it’s because we don’t drink it a lot in the house. If orange juice is in our fridge, it was most likely a special request on the grocery list.

As well, I usually only drink water or tea. I try not to drink my calories or sugar, so I don’t usually drink juice or any other fun drinks. UNLESS I’m out gettingΒ drinks with friends, making a protein shake if I’m really pressed for breakfast time, or trying to boost my vitamins and antioxidants with all natural juices.

I’ve been sick as a dog lately (thanks a lot, adenoids), so we’ve had orange juice in the house so I can get a little boost of vitamin C. Every little bit helps, right?

Also, orange juice is yummy. Citrus has a flavor that just can’t be beat. Bright, sharp, and it definitely wakes up the taste buds.

So I had some orange juice.

orange juice

Then, I got a brilliant idea. Orange juice is a fantastic mixer. Sometimes I add it to my sangria, it’s essential for a classic mimosa or screwdriver, and there are countless recipes that use orange juice as an ingredient (cake, marinades for meat, pancakes, so many!).

Once, I added cake flavored vodka to my orange juice, and had the best screwdriver the world has ever known.

I have cake flavored vodka in the house, but, like I said, sick as a dog, and medicine and alcohol don’t really work that well together. However, after a little browsing in the pantry, I found some Polar Vanilla Seltzer. Score!

Side note: Have you tried Polar seltzers? I’m about to sound like a walking advertisement for them, but I swear I’m not, I just really love this brand of seltzer. The flavors are so creative, and the seltzers are actually so flavorful that you forget you’re drinking seltzer instead of a fancy juice or bottled sugar water drink. Amazing mixers, too.

Anyway, I added some seltzer to my orange juice and now I have a non-alcoholic creamsicle drink to enjoy.

orange cream drink

Three cheers for orange juice! Underrated, full of vitamin C, and great with vanilla seltzer.


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