National HomeBrew Day

“I signed you up for the food blog for homebrew day. You need to blog.” – Me “I don’t know what to write. Be my ghost writer.” – Husband Well, folks, here I am, being a ghost writer. The unfortunate reality here is, I don’t drink beer, so all I can do is blog about the beer being brewed in my coat closet, but I can’t tell you how it tastes or if it’s better or worse than store bought beer. beer closet   beer stuff Home brewing step 1: Go to homebrew supply store and get beer equipment and ingredients.

Step 2: Drink tons of beer and save the bottles. Clean and sanitize.

Step 3: Clean and sanitize big silver pot. Use the big silver pot to boil all of the ingredients. Realize you’re missing stuff. Return to homebrew supply store.

Step 4: Siphon the beer from the pot into the (cleaned and sanitized) big white barrel. Add some hops. I think you might add hops in the previous step. Call the homebrew store to ask questions.

Step 5: Put the barrel in the closet for a couple weeks. Measure it with some beer-o-meter contraption to check alcohol content.

Step 6: Bottle and cap the beer with the neat red tool. Put it back in the closet for a few more weeks.

Step 7: Drink. Special points if you use a BeerBro Bottle Opener to open your beer. beer broSo far, an Amber Ale and a Citrus IPA have been brewed. I lovingly named Brian’s IPA BriPA. See what I did there? Happy Brewing! (Disclaimer: the above steps are not a tried and true beer making recipe. If you really want to make your own beer, visit your local homebrew supply store). beer


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