National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Welcome to another edition of My Lazy Kitchen! 

Oh? That’s not what our blog name is? Oops. 

Well, it should be. 

If you placed a bet that I would be making a single serving, microwaveable cookie today, you’d be a winner! 

Plot twist: This one actually works out! 

Today is also National Raisin Day. Whoever put Oatmeal Cookie Day and Raisin Day together was extremely smart, because I don’t really eat raisins except for in cookies. 

The recipe I used was from Baking Dietitian, and was actually for eggless cookie dough, but of course you can bake it too. 

The cookie dough was fantastic, and the actually cookie was pretty good too. I would only suggest adding a pinch of salt and definitely add brown sugar and cinnamon for the classic oatmeal cookie flavor. 


Even though I barely measured anything and put it in the microwave, this cookie was yummy. Long live oatmeal and raisin chocolate chip cookies! 


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