National Prime Rib Day

Surprise, surprise. Guess who didn’t actually celebrate this holiday?

Me, guys. The answer is me.

I’m not a big steak eater, but I thought maybe I’d eat one anyway since I like you people. And I even had the opportunity to on Friday night at dinner with some friends. But then I saw how expensive prime rib was, and I was like…”nope, bye.” Especially since I didn’t really want it anyway.

But you know what’s not expensive? NOT ordering prime rib.

So I didn’t. Sorry. But also, not sorry. I ate a lot of garbage this weekend, so I was trying to avoid any more not-so-healthy things.

And I certainly wasn’t going to cook it. Because, hi, I’m still me. And me is lazy.

I hope you guys enjoyed your prime rib. In fact, if you actually had a steak, share your pictures. Or share a recipe. Make me feel ashamed of my…let’s call it “frugality.”


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