National Cherry Cheesecake Day

So let me tell you about how this day was a total fail. 

You know what grocery stores DON’T sell fresh right now? 

Cherries. That’s right. They don’t. 

Frozen cherries? Really hard to find. And when I finally found them at Fairway, I was going to work, so I wasn’t about to bring a bag of frozen cherries to work. 

And you know what I refuse to put in my body? 

Canned cherry pie filling. No thanks. I won’t eat that. There’s very little natural or wholesome about that canned stuff and I will not eat it. Yup, I’ll eat almost an entire bag of jelly beans, but I won’t eat canned pie filling. Judge me all you want. 

So, I did what we at Food 365 do best: I half assed this holiday. 

Here’s my adorable little cheesecake and, that’s right, a big container of dried cherries. 

I took a fork full of cheesecake, put a dried cherry on it, and ate it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

And you know what?

It was damn good. The perfect pre-shift snack. Creamy and sweet cheesecake meets tangy, concentrated cherry flavor and makes my mouth happy. 

I only wish that cheesecake had been a little bigger. 


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