National Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple upside down cake is kind of a retro dessert isn’t it? I don’t see it around too much anymore, unless I am going to the wrong parties. I love pineapple and rarely do I feel the need to do anything to it. But I was excited that this cake gets its own holiday for what you will think is a weird reason: I strongly associate it with giving birth to my first child.

Before you are completely grossed out and click away, let me explain. Towards the very end of my pregnancy, I was really into pineapple and was buying fresh or canned pineapple often. On one grocery trip, I accidentally bought a large can of pineapple in heavy syrup instead of juice. This was annoying, but I decided that I could use it to make pineapple upside down cake. I made the cake on a Sunday and I couldn’t have been more proud of how great it looked when I successfully flipped it over. So proud in fact that I took this picture on my phone. This was the last picture I took before everything went crazy (this is called foreshadowing).


I should add that at this point in my pregnancy I was being monitored closely for some issues, and said issues caused me to feel pretty terrible. This is the only logical reason I can think of as to why I didn’t bother to eat a slice of that beautiful cake the day I baked it. I had an appointment with my doctor the next day. On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store even though I had no business doing anything but going straight home to lay down as both doctor and husband ordered. I don’t remember what else I purchased but in my fuzzy state, I AGAIN accidentally bought several cans of pineapple in heavy syrup. By the time I got home from the store I had a missed call from my doctor who basically said, get yourself to the hospital immediately.ย  Long story short, I had a baby in my arms 24 hours later and that damn pineapple upside down cake was still sitting untouched on my kitchen counter.

My dad enjoyed ย the cake all week while my parents took care of my dog, and I eventually donated all that canned pineapple because I had no desire to make a pineapple upside down cake ever again. But I decided that three years is long enough and it was time to face the past. So I took that same baby, and together we had a fun time following the same recipe (using pineapples in JUICE, subbing applesauce for oil and cutting back on the butter and brown sugar, because I am a mom now). We made ourselves the best looking pineapple upside down cake you ever saw. Well, the best looking one that looks exactly the same as the one three years ago, plus or minus a few cherries. And this time we ate it together.

DSC02657 DSC02661 DSC02665 DSC02670


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