National Amaretto Day

For days when you just can’t decide between a milkshake, and your booze…


I knew I needed to drink something for National Amaretto Day, but I was also really, really craving ice cream.

Problem solved when my friend suggested we go to Red Robin, which has a fantastic selection of grown up milkshakes.

I selected a milkshake that had Kahlua, Grand Marnier, and Amaretto mixed in.

amaretto shake

This was the best decision I had made all day. It was creamy, it was cold, it had whipped cream, it tasted like Kahlua, and had the perfect hint of almond sweetness from the amaretto.

10/10 would buy or make for myself again.

In general, I actually love amaretto. I don’t drink or go to bars often, but when I do, I almost always order an amaretto sour. On holidays, when my family and I open our liquor cabinet and dust off the cobwebs, I always find ways to incorporate amaretto into out dessert drinks.

Verdict? Today’s food holiday forced me to put alcohol in my milkshake. What a shame. Not. Today was a win! Are you stirring up any amaretto cocktails today? Would you put booze in your milkshake?


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