National Animal Crackers Day

Question: why are animal crackers called crackers? Because they are cookies to me. Who started calling them crackers? It is a well known fact they are cookies.

Animal crackers (cookies) were a favorite of mine growing up, though I didn’t have them often. I used to get so excited when I’d see the little red circus box (you all know what I’m talking about) filled with cookies because they weren’t usually in my house for some odd reason. I went through a time where they were pretty much completely absent from my life until recently. Then good old trusty Wegmans came around town and started calling them cookies and now we consume them by the bag…they don’t last more than a week around here.


These are by far the best animal cookies I’ve ever had. My new go to snack when I want something sweet. Because a handful is acceptable, right? A really big handful…



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