Glazed Ham Day

Glazing ham is usually done to enhance the taste and overall appearance. There is a bit of a trick, as I am told, as to when to apply the glaze to the ham.  It is usually applied before the ham is fully cooked because sugar burns quickly, but you also need to caramelize it on top.  It is a risky business that glaze.  Some people glaze in stages and some just pour it all on and hope for the best.  It really depends on the size of the ham and how your oven works.

Let me start by saying that I really do love ham. My first and only experience with glazed ham was quite some time ago. It was a store bought spiral sliced ham that came with a pouch of paste-like glaze. The glaze itself was extremely off putting in appearance, as it was a thick dark brown paste, but it smelled extremely sweet.  The person cooking (definitely not me) poured the glaze over the ham right before it was done cooking. Fast forward 20 minutes to when the ham was finished cooking, I thought “how bad could this possibly be?  It is ham…right?”  so I tried a piece.  I regretted that decision almost immediately.  It tasted vaguely like an apricot glaze.  Fun fact.  I hate apricots, something that I learned that day.  I even tried them again recently…yup still hate those damn things.

So, when I volunteered to take glazed ham day off of everyone’s plates I must admit that I did start to panic a little bit.  I mean I love ham, but glazed ham?  That is still a sore subject.  I started doing some research on glazed ham and realized that there are many other options! Hallelujah!

In order to make a ham glaze you need a few basic ingredients, some or most of which you can find in your fridge or pantry.  You need a combination of both sweet and tangy in order to balance each of them out.  So sweet ingredients could include brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup, whereas your tangy or spiced flavors can include vinegar, mustard, cider, cloves, and cinnamon.  When you control the ingredients, I feel as though it can easily become a huge success.  I am definitely looking forward to glazing some ham in the future.  I will leave you guys with some recipes from this website!

Thoughts: How do you readers feel about glazed ham?  Do you have any go to glaze recipes?  Share your thoughts!


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