National Licorice Day

It’s my favorite day of the year!!

Happy National Licorice Day! To celebrate, here’s my cat, whose name is Licorice.

Licorice cat


Ok, that’s all for today! Bye!

Just kidding.

For today’s food holiday, I actually went where no man dares to go. I turned to the devil itself: The Licorice Jelly Bean.

I got these “natural” jelly beans from Trader Joe’s and it took my the longest time to figure out which jelly beans were the licorice kind, because black food dye is not natural, so everything was kind of wine colored.





Which of these is blackberry, and which is licorice? Bravely, I tasted each of these.

licorice jelly bean

Surprise! This was licorice! Actually, I think all but one of the above were licorice flavored.

Verdict? I know the flavor licorice gets a bad rap, but it’s not that bad. This more natural version, at least, didn’t taste so artificial and cloying. If you want to try licorice jelly beans without gagging, these would be the ones to try. Or, forget about the food and just come play with Licorice the cat, who will love you if you bring her some cat nip. Problem solved.


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