National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

I wasn’t in the mood for Chinese food today, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate to go to a Chinese restaurant and just ask for a cookie. So I decided to make some.

I found this recipe. It seemed legit, so I went with it. I halved it because I didn’t want that many cookies. I also took zero pictures of the process because my phone was all the way on the other side of my apartment and walking all the way there seemed like a lot of effort. But, you know how making cookies works. It was like that.

I ended up making such a small amount of dough that I only got five cookies out of it. I eventually got my phone and took one terrible picture:

My verdict? These were so delicious that I immediately regretted not making the full batch. They were soft and warm and tasted like buttery sugar cookies with an almond on top. Would make again.


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