National Cordon Bleu Day

Chicken cordon bleu is something I’ve always known existed, but I had never eaten before. Probably because we don’t really eat ham in my family. But how could chicken stuffed with meat and cheese be bad? Well, it isn’t!

I was actually considering making this myself, when I stumbled upon this in the frozen section of my grocery store:

This box REALLY wants you to know that the chicken is raw.

Never one to do work when I don’t have to, I snatched this right up.

I made one serving, and it looked like this after it was cooked:

And then I sliced it open to see what was inside:

And the cheese just poured out of it, which is never a bad sign.

My verdict? For a frozen chicken meal, this was pretty good. Maybe one day when I’m not lazy, I’ll cook chicken cordon bleu for real. Just kidding. I probably won’t do that.


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