National Chocolate Mousse Day

This week’s “Lori is Really Lazy” theme continues…

I just have not felt inspired to actually cook anything recently. But, to be fair, I never promised I would cook for every holiday.

If you’re looking for a legit mousse recipe, just swap out white chocolate for regular chocolate and make this.

So, for Chocolate Mousse Day, I bought this:

Here’s what it looks like when you’re eating it:

My verdict? I had a weird reaction upon eating this. I understand, intellectually, that I was eating mousse and not pudding. But because it was Jello-brand and looks like a Snack Pack, I ended up being weirdly disappointed in the texture. Which is of no fault to the product. It just shows how much I love pudding. I feel like I upped the taste when, after the first scoop, I put some whipped cream on top. Maybe that helped because the mousse was sugar free, but the whipped cream was not. More sugar is better!


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