National Black Forest Cake Day

Hi friends! 

Sorry to be a downer, but this is not the homemade cake post I was hoping to share with y’all. 

I got quite sick and no one in my family wanted to eat my sick cake. 

And, for once, I’m really sick of mug cakes. 

And then, I ended up not being around to have time to bake anyway. 

So instead of giving you a review of what I was hoping would be the best ever gluten free cake, made with real cherries and not gross canned pie filling, I’m giving you a bunch of Black Forest food inspiration. 

Gluten free Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cheesecake

Black Forest Milkshake

Black Forest Brownies

I actually would love to make the milkshake, so if I get to it this weekend, I’ll update my lost with the results. Gotta love a good milkshake. Mmmmm. 

black forest cake photo from

Who out there has made Black Forest cake? Pretty sure you can’t go wrong with rich chocolate, booze, and sweet fruit. Yum. 

Here’s the big question: do you use fresh cherries, or cherry pie filling? 


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