National Chip and Dip Day

Dip dip dip. 

I love dip. 

Just ask the bros. I’m so into dip. Dessert dip, appetizer dip, dinner dip, snack time dip, I’m bored and watching Netflix dip, and the list goes on. 

For today, I spent a lot of time at the local Whole Foods trying to decide which dip would best satisfy my taste buds and go with my sea salt potato chips. 

What I settled on may cause controversy. 

It’s technically a spread. But that was what I was hungry for. 

Champagne cheese spread. 

I don’t know. I don’t even understand the champagne part. At first I even thought the spread was too sweet, oddly.

But then. Then I realized that I was eating salty, fried potatoes and CHEESE. 

And all was right with the world. I thoroughly enjoyed dunking my chips into this tub of cheese. 

It was heavenly. 


Verdict? Get some chips. Dip them in whatever you want. Pure delight. Even if your dip is technically a spread. Whatever. Rules were made to be broken. 


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